Trick Training Your Horse To Success

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Author Jan Sharp shares the secrets of a successful trick trainer, advising readers how to select a trick horse, where to begin training, and what tools are needed. She addresses how to solve behavior problems such as tail turning, then provides step-by-step instructions for teaching a horse such tricks as bowing, laying down, sitting down, standing on a pedestal, pushing a ball, the circus bow, the buck jump, the rumba, and many more.

Trick Training Your Horse to Success includes 60 photographs that allow the reader to follow the teaching of individual tricks. Jan Sharp has been training show, sport and exhibition trick horses since 1969 and she currently has a troupe of 18 black and white pinto exhibition trick horses.

TRICK TRAINING: Provides a unique and fun way to instill obedience and to enchance any horse's performance in any discipline.

TRICK TRAINING: Is both practical and functional, promoting better communication between handler and horse.

TRICK TRAINING: Teaches that submission is not intimidation, but the development of the horse's response to the rider's aids and cues.

TRICK TRAINING: Can have dramatic results when used to rehabilitate problem horses.

TS Black Tie Affair- trick trained stallion