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DARKEN: The Scaredy-Cat Champion.

Darken is a quirky little horse who is exceptionally timid, quick as a cat, and apparently smarter than anyone ever imagined. With 40 years of training experience under her belt, his owner, Jan Sharp, expects him to be her crowning training achievement - as both a trick and show horse. Instead, Darken sees horse-eating monsters behind every bush, suffers medical emergencies, and does his best to frustrate her at every turn. All that changes the day Darken walks out of his stall and proves just how smart he really is.

As he works to overcome his many challenges, Jan is rewarded by watching him blossom. Along the way Jan learns it the little steps and victories in life that should be savored, instead of hurried past in an attempt to reach greater goals. Ride along on the five-year journey Darken takes to find his own path in life, and the amazing way he uses his talents to help others. Climb aboard, hold on tight, and enjoy the ride.

153 pages (paper back)
47 photo journal his life from birth to champion.
Available on both e-book and in paper back from
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DARKEN: In Good Company

When the handsome black-and-white pinto colt named Darken was born on her farm, Jan Sharp expected him to be her next easy ticket to the winner's circle. After all, she had trained several of her other horses to multiple world championships. Jan had great ideas, plans, dreams, and goals for Darken, but because of his unpredictable and irrational behaviors, there seemed to be little hope that he would ever live up to those big dreams, had it not been for one thing - tempting glimpses of his brilliance.

Hard work and persistence seemed to be paying off, and when Darken finally began winning ribbons, it seemed the right time to take his career to the next level. What could possibly go wrong? As it turned out, more than Jan could have ever bargained for! Ride along behind the scenes with Jan and the most frustratingly brilliant horse she ever met on their next adventures. And meet his stablemates - they too have stories to tell.
Available on both e-book and in paper back from Amazon.com